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You want to ensure your streaming video business reaches European audiences but you're not sure how?

I will save you months of guesses, trials & errors thanks to my suite of services.

It will feel hassle-free to grow in Europe.

A map of the world

5 major US-based platforms (Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Prime Video) are on track to grab over 50% of video consumption by 2026. We’ll watch the same content pretty much anywhere in the world.

Who will nurture our differences, offer us a diverse view of the world to this generation and the next?

Niche streaming video services will as they have at heart to share local stories, showcase local talents and fuel fan & community-based content.

These services deserve to reach more end consumers but the world is big and fragmented.

How do you do global if you have no local presence ?

Gaining local market knowledge and tapping into local talents to get things done, will prove essential.

Our services

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We dig deep for you and you get hands on knowledge of a new market.

You meet local executives,
not research reports.


We do not dictate, we co-build your strategy as you know your service better than us.

We are your sounding board
to design your local playbook.

Deal Making

Your streaming video business needs to be where eyeballs are.

We partner where
it matters.

Partner Growth

There is nothing worse than a sleeping beauty. Growth requires daily account management with your partners.

Entrust us to do that for you.


In-depth workshops and webinars to help your teams get up to speed on all the latest streaming trends.

Clarity fuels growth.

Content Marketing

Use the power of content to establish your brand and your leadership in your industry.

Join our Writers' room for Linkedin posts, blog posts, white papers, reports and more.

Logo of the company Vialma

I am the founder of Vialma, a streaming service dedicated to music and the arts. The Local Act helped me tremendously.

Access to first class contacts, valuable insights, great expertise and great negotiation skills.

I would highly recommend Marion, the "Queen of streaming",
as she is a genuine partner, side by side with the founders to move mountains."

Guillaume Descottes


Founder, Vialma

March 2023

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Meet Marion Ranchet

I was in your shoes when I worked at Roku or Orange.

I had to build my own playbook to launch and grow Roku in new markets or to diversify Orange's revenue streams to new verticals.

It's all about localizing your approach and having an acute understanding of the market or business model dynamics at play.

Marion currently runs The Local Act Consultancy where she puts her 18 years of experience in the industry to advise businesses on how to launch and grow in Europe through her deep knowledge of the varying markets, and with a strong content expertise and distribution network in place.

If you are:
- SVOD, AVOD and FAST services
- Smart TV manufacturers
- Technology vendors

Looking for outside help to fast-track your streaming video business expansion, Marion is your go to.

You will also often see Marion sharing incredibly useful nuggets of information on LinkedIn and Substack, podcasts, webinars and other industry events like IBC or MIPCOM.

If you’re looking to soak up key industry knowledge, Marion is someone you definitely need in your network.

The Local act

Think Global,
Act Local

Today is the day to start building a global video business like a local

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