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Launch and grow
your streaming video business
in Europe, hassle-free

we believe that

Taking your streaming video business to Europe should feel easy.

our method

We help you launch and grow
with a 3-step


Where to launch

Market discovery

You will understand
your target new market
inside out.

Key market metrics & trends

Competitive landscape

Local networking

Cultural fit


What to launch

Strategy design

You will be guided in designing your go to market strategy.

Business model (SVOD, AVOD, FAST) & Pricing

Content programming

Distribution roadmap


How to launch

Negotiation & Partner growth

It's time to get deals in place and grow your business.

Local Content  

Distribution Platforms

Partner Growth

They trust us

What our clients think

I am the founder of Vialma, a streaming service dedicated to music and the arts. The Local Act helped me tremendously. Access to first class contacts, valuable insights, great expertise and great negotiation skills. I would highly recommend Marion, the "Queen of streaming", as she is a genuine partner, side by side with the founders to move mountains."

Guillaume Descottes


Founder, Vialma

March 2023

Psyched4 is a new challenger brand in the world of sports broadcasting. We worked with Marion on some of our most pressing topics, the advice offered was extremely beneficial and has given us food for thought on how we continue to develop our GTM. Marion also challenged our incumbent thinking which was also of great benefit, sometimes it takes an outside voice to stop entrenched ideas. Would highly recommend."

David McKenzie

CEO of Psyched4

March 2023

TOP-SELLING  programs

See what we made for you


We design an action plan to secure distribution deals for your service. You benefit from our network in the region.

We go get these deals together.


If you’re looking to start a FAST Channel business, I designed a Program where I fast-track the launch of your FAST Business:

"How to get into FAST in 90 days"


In-depth workshops and webinars to help your teams get up to speed on the latest streaming trends.

Taking place on site or remotely.

The Local act

Think Global,
Act Local

Today is the day to start building a global video business like a local

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Introducing "The Battle For The Living Room" Summer Series

While the mobile industry boasts two dominant operating systems, the TV ecosystem presents a contrasting picture. This series aims to deep dive into this ecosystem, shedding light on the strategies employed by key players and unraveling the complexities it brings to streaming services looking to grow on these devices.

Marion Ranchet

IBC 2023 through the eyes of a Content and Distribution gal

This week brings a different format as we’re digging into IBC 2023 and my key takeaways for this edition. But before I do that, let me tell you how my relationship with IBC started. Prior to 2019, I had never set foot at IBC. The reason being that I’m more a Content & Distribution gal. Historically, my markets were MIP/MIPCOM, the Cannes Festival ✨ 5 months into my tenure at Roku, my Communications Director put me on stage at IBC 2019.

Marion Ranchet

The perfect recipe behind MIPCOM 2023

I wrote today’s piece with 6 hands. No I’m not a Martian, I simply teamed up with two fantastic contributors who also attended MIPCOM. Why?If you’ve ever attended MIPCOM, you know it’s 4 days of back to back meetings so there’s no way for me to cover everything on my own. Today at a glance: The FAST CornerThe AI CornerThe Kids Corner The Friends Corner

Marion Ranchet

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