The Local Act is a Consultancy to make Europe easy for Streaming Video Services looking to launch and grow in the region.

Internationalization is indeed on every company's to do list but it's easier said than done.

Localization is key to launch and succeed in international markets.

How do you do it if you have no local presence ?

Gaining local market knowledge and tapping into local talents to get things done, will prove essential.

That's where The Local Act comes in!

What we are best at

Our Services

We dig deep for you and you get hands on knowledge and understanding of a new market.

You meet local executives, not research reports.
We do not dictate, we co-build your strategy as you know your service and your playbook better than us.

We are your sounding board to localize it.
We acquire local content in line with your programming needs and your budget.

Europeans see you put in the efforts to offer them content that resonates with them.
In-depth workshops and webinars to help your teams make this new region their own.

Clarity fuels growth.
Your Direct-to-Consumer streaming video service needs to be where eyeballs are (Smart TVs, telecom operators etc.).

We partner where it matters.
There is nothing worse than a sleeping beauty. Growth requires daily account management with distribution partners.

Entrust us to do that for you.

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The Local Act

Marion Ranchet
Founder & Managing Director

I was in your shoes when I worked at Roku, the N°1 Streaming Platform in US/Canada & Mexico.

I worked on two markets I did not have prior experience in (UK & Germany).

I had to build my own playbook to launch and grow Roku in these markets.

It's all about localizing your playbook when entering new markets.

This is what I will share with you with my 3-step methodology.

At Orange, I joined a telecommunications company which was diversifying its activities to become a key content player.

It was all about building new services and experimenting new business models:

From launching a Pay TV channel in a highly competitive market,

To evolving from TVOD to EST,

And finally to becoming THE biggest aggregator of SVOD services.

Think Global, Act Local
Today is the day to start building a global video business like a local
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